sphinx4 and Asterisk integration


I am looking for some information about the integration of Shphinx 4 within asterisk
I have already made some trials with
AGI + perl
AGI + java

My problem is that I have to communicate with Sphinx4 .
As Shpinx 4 is written in java, it is impossible to use
Sphinx::Recognizer::SPX perl module
as mentionned in the WEB page turnkey-solution.com/asterisk-sphinx.html
The best way to use Sphinx4 would be to use it in live mode
with a front end in client configuration // and a decoder in Server mode
is anybody has already succeeded to run Sphinx4 in a server/client configration mode
And in this case for the integration with Asterisk what is the best solution (AGI with Perl or Asterisk-java)

may be what i would like to do is impossible and in this case, what could be another solution
thanks for the help