Communication mobile phone <-> server in order to perform sp

Hello :smile:!

I’d like to create application such that: 1. User calls from mobile phone special number. 2. Server receives this call and talks to the user based on speech recognition (Sphinx 4) and playing some short mp3s. Speech recognition requires only digits and about five control words. 3. Server saves on its disc some little file based on this connection.

I am sure speech recognition can be done with the use of Sphinx4. But can anybody suggest me, please, how to establish connection between mobile phone and server and then redirect speech on server to Sphinx4?

Somebody suggested me that it is a asterisk/sip/client/server/simple io question. Can it be done with Asterisk? Can you give me any links to tutorials how to do it, please?

Thank you very much in advance for your help :smile:!
Greetings :smile:!