Switchvox Concern

Hi, I’m Henry. I have seen your switchvox product and got interested. I just have few queries on it. Is it compatible in any windows versions and any os smartphones? Do you have still free edition of it?

Switchvox is not a product of the open source community; you will need to contact Digium’s commercial people.

Asterisk is compatible with most soft phones, including ones that run on Windows, although soft phones tend to have more bugs than hard phones, and the ones most people seem to ask about are loss leader versions of paid for ones, which have more features. You are only going to get features like provisioning for a limited number of phones, almost certainly all hard phones, but then, none of the soft phones I’ve seen can be remotely provisioned, anyway.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think SwitchVox runs on a bare machine (i.e. it includes the OS), but it certainly doesn’t run on Windows. I believe the management interface is web browser based, so OS agnostic.

Thanks for explaining it well.