Switchvox issue with two cisco ASA's not provisioning changes

So quick setup overview
phone(s) – netgear switch – ciscoASA1(LAN) ---- (LAN)ciscoASA2 ----- switchvox

phones are d series

So my problem is phone behind ciscoASA1, when I add an extension or delete an extension or add a new status to said phone or pretty much anything that is an update to the phone from after booting it is suppose to show on the LCD “configuration updating” get update then go away with updated changes but they are not. The message stays indefinitely, and the appropriate changes are never made unless I reboot the phone.
Also when I have phone(s) on ciscoASA2 they work as intended and say at my house via remote ISP connected a phone, connected through NATing to server works as intend. Which company ISP for server is also connected to the ciscoASA2.

I’ve been asking around and racking my brain as to why this one thing isn’t working and haven’t found why yet. Everything else as far as I have noticed works. So I think its the ASA1 that is my problem but we have been checking for errors from server, two firewalls and a phone that has the issue occur and cannot see anything glaring for a problem yet.

Switchvox, as I said on the FreePBX forum is a commercial product. You need to contact Sangoma through its commercial web site (or phone them, etc.).

yeah I just answered you on other forum, someone can just delete these post’s I guess worth a shot I thought.

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