Web server usage?

Hello, I have installed AsteriskNOW and configured it to work with one IP phone on extension 1001 using custom Voip provider over SIP protocol. So, there is no additional hardware in box.
Can anyone tell me how to use HTTP protocol to make call? When I make HTP request: … secret=***
I get:
Response: Success
Message: Authentication accepted

But after that I enter:
and get:
Response: Error
Message: Authentication Required

This commands are entered from FF browser. What I’m doing wrong? I need those commands to integrate AsteriskNOW with my new dialer…


Does anybody use this asterisk possibility?

It depends on your timeout settings. What I do is I have a small php script which, for every command to be executed, does:

  • Login
  • Execute command
  • Log off

So in your case it would be:

  • Login
  • Ping
  • Log off

I don’t know whether this is necessary in every case but it seems to be the only method I got it working with.

When it comes to typing it through the browser, you would have to be VERY quick to send the login and then send the ‘action=ping&_=’ command but, in theory, it is possible.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Ed. I’ll try it from my client application.