Web For Do Something On Asterisk

I have asterisk server I want to creat a web portat what I can do some thing like:the web have some button ,I can click button to spy call or import file csv to asterisk or monitor status extension or do some thing follow my idead

what technology i need use to resolve my problem or tell me a keyword


Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI), possibly combined with sftp and ssh, to access at the OS level.

Hi David
Do I have to install apache to have web and link it with AMI or AMI will combine with some thing code language to do my idead???

AMI speaks its own protocol on top of TCP. No web server is needed for AMI. You may need a web server for your complete system, but that will be on the other side of your server application. If you do need a web server, any server that runs on Linux and has the features you require, will be sufficient.

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