Step-by-Step guide to make calls with Asterisk

Question is simple: I need to write some server-side code to make calls. User type a number in a web-page and a call is made on the server-side. Is there a step-by-step guide on how to do that with Asterisk?

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You can use AGI or call files to make calls

call file is easy way to originate call following link has complete description

You can use java or any server side scripts to create file and move it to specified location … o-dial+out

AMI would be more normal than AGI, if AGI works at all.


Yep David is correct an AMI connection is whats required, can even hazard a guess to why you would expect to be able to do it with an AGI

Basicly you need to do it in a client server mode, for security more than anything

HTML page <—Submit—> PHP scriplet <—AMI–>Asterisk

check out

for an old copy of my code, much changed now but kept inhouse for our systems.


Do I need some special hardware or VOIP service to make calls out of my Linux server?

If yes, which ones?

If yes, what hosting services support Asterisk?

Again, the big picture of what I want is:

  • User types a number, number is submitted to my web server, a phone call happens.

Thank you very much!