Asterisk Manager Problem


I have installed Asterisk 1.6.1 on SuSE Linux (from OpenSuSE repository), configured http.conf and manager.conf according to the manual.

However, whenever I try to connect to Asterisk GUI via web browser (, where xxx port defined in asterisk -> http.conf), I’ve got this error:

Not Implemented
Attempt to use unimplemented / unsupported method
Asterisk Server

Downgrading Asterisk to version 1.6, or even installing on another SuSE box did not help.

Anyone have any idea what is wrong?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestion(s)

AMI is not for direct Web - it allows Asterisk to send events, and get commands. I used AMI with scripts to handle some of Asterisk events.

Hi, bira_more,

Thanks a lot for reply!

A small clarification - a package I’m referring to is called Asterisk GUI, not
Asterisk Manager. Sorry for mistype.


If you have configured AJAM then you can connect to the manager via http on the port defined.
You still have to login but the commands are slightly different.

I use Ajam for a couple of web based apps.

Its also possible to use astmanproxey to connect to the ami via http as well