Web conference with asterisk?

hi everyone,

like to check. anyone can recommend open source web conference software that can work with asterisk?

i check out bigbluebutton, nice interface. The docs mention about asterisk thing but not sure.

Is it stable? Heard someone saying asterisk web conference unstable, so not so sure.

Any recommendations?

Thank you.

What you mean “web conference”?
Asterisk is good for conference calls. If you mean using web based phones for calls - stability depends of how stable web phones you will use.

sorry, i mean audio/video conference something like go-to-webinar, livemeeting, etc that is using asterisk.

basically i can communicate with few people within the company and external (as long they use some client or web) to have this audio/video conference.

any help? thanks.

Yes bigblue button is great. i used it. they have screen sharing, video/audio conferencing, you even do not need any phone they already have embedded the phone sdk.

Thanks so much :smile:

I download BigBluebutton yesterday and it is working nicely. Thanks Zaib.

If you have no idea what is is, why would you think that it might even be relevant to you. Medium length answer: svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/ (although, if you understand the latter, you probably wouldn’t have asked the question).