How to make a Video conference Using Asterisk


How to make a video conference using asterisk.

My clients are in different location. SO i want them in one group. So how can i make that.

Which one is the best Codec for video conference ?
Which type of camera is needed for the conference ?
What will be the server configuration ?
What is the bandwidth needed ?
what about the internet connection speed ?

Please tell me these things.

Is there any software developed using Asterisk ?
If its there then please tell me that software name and website link.

In XLITE softphone, there is a window for video conferece. But i think its for video call.
How can i use the Xlite softphone for conference?



Asterisk only supports point to point video. There may be third party add ons.


Thanks for the replay. If i want to make a multi-point, What are the addons that i need for it ?

There is a opensource project out there, called bigbluebutton. its a conference system which utilize asterisk to make calls via asterisk-java bridge.

For that there is somany addons are using.
Do you know how itz working ?

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Big Blue Button does not use Asterisk for the video protion of the call only the audio part of the call. … reOverview

Will give you a good overview.


I am also into this…what will be the good way for video conferencing? waiting for the overview…thanx


See: … ridge+1.10

ok any more guide lines? or confbridge works fully for video conf?