Using Asterisk as a video conference server

If I am in the wrong place please let me know:
I am new to Asterisk, but I would like to create a standalone system to provide a video conference facility for up to 6 people. Before I take the wrong path please can I ask what the best way forward is? I would prefer to base the system on RedHat Linux and I do not need to link the system to a to a telephone system it would be all workstation access via the internet, any additional advise would be greatly appreciated.


Please don’t apologise in advance for asking in the wrong place, do your research and make sure that you can claim a due dilligence defence.

Thank you for responding, I did see the post you directed me to, however I was hoping for a little more information even if I needed to use additional software or a reason why it will not work. Has anyone tried to build a system for web conferencing?

If you are looking for a web conferencing system then look at the big blue button