Voting Application

I would like to set up an Asterisk dial plan that allows callers to cast votes on various issues by pressing a corresponding number on their telephone keypad.

In other words, the caller will dial in to Asterisk and hear a pre-recorded message that gives them their voting options (i.e., Press 1 to vote for this, Press 2 to vote for that).

After the caller presses a number to vote, Asterisk will play a thank you message and hang up.

I know how to set up the pre-record messages, but I don’t know how to record the votes. I would like to send the votes to a database where I can retrieve them and keep a tally of all of the votes.

Can anyone help?


you could either use an AGI to do this, or even easier would be to use the mysql application and do it all from the dialplan. at the CLI :

CLI> show application MYSQL which gives you all you need to know. how complex you make it is up to you, but simple vote counting is a few minutes work.

Thank you for your help.

hello, guy:
i think your solution is good. you read the input and and use agi or perl inster into database. mysql is a good option.
something likes this:
s, 1, | value 1 | value 2
after then you get the values using $AVR or some name in perl. you check from