Database Integration and overall direction

Hi There,

I’m new to the Asterisk scene and am looking to find out a few things.

First, I want to know if it’s possible to build this type of scenario:

  1. User dials into the system and is prompted to enter their zip code
  2. System reads back the top 5 entries returned from the database (Name, phone number) based on the zip code
  3. User can then choose to get another 5 listings until their heart is content

The scenario is fairly specific, I know. We already have the web service / database providing this, but we want to extend it to an 800 number. I just need to know if this type of extended functionality can be met with Asterisk.

If so, that leads me to my next question… Where is my time best spent in researching how to get to that point?

Any pointers would be much appreciated!

Asterisk can do that very easily, you’ll probably want to use AGI.

Using one of the PHP or Perl modules will make life much easier.

I think you would pretty much run the whole thing in AGI instead of traditional contexts and extensions. So your AGI script would capture the user’s key presses (GET DATA), go to the database, playback some sounds, gather more key presses, etc.


Thank you for your speedy reply and pointers.

I’ll start researching the approach now - but we’re intrigued that it can be done.

I’ve always wanted an excuse to play with Asterisk!