Telephone Voting poll

I would like to develop a Telephonic Voting Poll in asterisk, that interfaces with mySQL.
Can someone tell where to start?
Or send me some examples?

I thing you need IVR like system which based on Asterisk & mysql(as DB)
in which peoples calls on board number & interact with system to enter our opinion poll. for that they can use telephonic ke pad to interact with IVR or u can give them speech recgnization facility thru Asterisk.
look into for more such info. some Asterisk cmd’s,functions liek MySql will useful for such system.


I, i have managed to do the poll with mysql.
But now i have do do it with Oracle, and well, i am a bit stuck, because i am not able to put php to interact with oracle.
Any sugestion?

Can you connect to Oracle via ODBC and then query through that?