VOIP Trunking from NEC PBX


We have a NEC 2400 IPX as our main switch with 5 ISDN PRI connections to the outside PSTN. We have smaller systems connected to it in a star configuration. These smaller system are connected by point to point T1s either over Co T1s or our own fiber. Data to these locations are currently on their own connections. All outside calls are routed to the NEC PBX then the PRIs.

With the Asterisk we want to connect to the NEC over the data network. When some one dials a “9” on the Asterisk is has to get to the NEC VOIP Trunks, I would expect by static IP address. Some where in the Asterix a Route has to be built with the data specs and a dialing pattern will point dial “9” calls to that route.

To do this we have to set up a VOIP trunk card in the NEC 2400 PBX. Our vender wants to know what “flavor”; SIP, number of speach paths, type of hand off. What do we need on the NEC???