VOIP regulations in india

We have taken a ISDN PRI line from a ISP in india and terminate that PRI line on asterisk machine, to start a call center, My Call center expert are using SIP(Xlite) to recieve the call frrom customers,

Now i want to expand my call center expert to roam anywhere and they can recive the call on their mobile phone, so that they dont need to sit inside the campus to recive the call.,

We have also Taken up Leased Line and Termincated the leased line in the same server.

Is it legal to recieve the call on mobile using PRI with asterisk box in india.

Kindly Suggest.

anshul porwal

It is perfectly legal and allowed If you are going to call your Experts through PRI line and connect them with callers.
You shouldn’t be calling them through VoIP (assuming they reside in different cities) as it’s illegal to bridge PRI call with VoIP line where call participants are in geographically separate area.

–Satish Barot

cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/vo … #wp1114625

–Satish Barot