Asterisk ISDN, VoIP Mysql - possible?

Hi I would like to create something like this:

ISDN PRI -> asterisk -> VoIP

  1. Incoming call on ISDN
  2. Caller pick worker extension (with some nice info)
  3. System check I worker is in office (using mysql?)
  4. If worker is in the office redirect call to his desk phone
    4a. If worker is not in the office asterisk use voip connection and call worker mobile

Is it possible? What hardware do I need?
I am completely newbie so please tell me where to start.

Yes it is possible, to connect a PRI to Asterisk you may use a card from Digium TE line: … lcards.php or you may use a PRI to SIP gateway like the Audiocodes Mediant series (I use this for a call center with 3 PRI lines).
To start learning about Asterisk read the book you find here: