Sip lines from India

Hi guyz am little newer to voip, i had configured an asterisk sever on cloud and its using for handle my u.s customers, but now i need to deal with my indian customers also , but am unable to find a sip line provider who providing a did number also, so am looking for purchasing a sip line from sip providers and to get a toll free number from telecommunication players, for example from reliance, as taking a numebr from reliance and trying to bind that number to my asterisk server,(trying to terminate calls to asterisk) pls advice me is it posible or not… or please give me some other ideas about it, my requirement is to get local calls from india to my asterisk server on cloud… pleae suggest a betterway to do it out…
#####i am so sorry to post it here…
iam doing so cos, i hope that some geeks who worked with indian Voip industry may help me on this to