VoIP provider with 2-3 lines per number

Hi guys!
Can you help me - i have a VoIP provider with possibility to use 3 lines (connections) per number (account).
How i can describe 2-3 lines in my pjsip account?
I should make 2-3 different endpoints? or how?
Thanks in advance

There is no concept of “lines” in VoIP or SIP. That’s a concept created by the provider, and what it means really depends. You most likely just create 1 endpoint for the account, and then they limit simultaneous calls to 3 at a given time. That’s a guess though - it’s policy of the provider and they could do something different.

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I can get incoming and outgoing call on 1 endpoint simultaneously?

There is nothing in Asterisk or VoIP itself to prevent such a thing. It is strictly a policy decision by VoIP providers to enforce limits.

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