Splitting IP lines into two

Hi guys,

I’m not so good with technical terms yes so I’ll try to explain what I intend to do as good as possible.

So right now, I have one IP line (account) and I use an AUDIOCODE router to convert it to analog.

The thing is that I have one IP line or account, but the AUDIOCODE actually makes it two lines, can I can use idependantly, but which have the same number:
You can’t receive two calls because both “lines” ring in the same time.
But you CAN make two calls in the same time, independently.

Basically, from what was explained to me, when you sign up for an account, you get two “lines” for the call conference, and for the call waiting. The AUDIOCODE just makes it so you can use both.

I think the proper term would be two “voicepaths”

So I was wondering if it’s possible to do the same with ASTERISK.

If so, how?

And so I don’t look too retarded in the future, can someone explain me what are the proper terms of the stuff I’m referring too? It’ll help me look around for my own answers in the future :wink:

Thanks !

Asterisk can do SIP directly, so you can connect your VoIP account directly to Asterisk server. Ask your VoIP provider - perhaps he already has an Asterisk config ready for you.

And yes, Asterisk supports multiple call channels via one SIP connection. This is usually referred to as SIP Trunk. SIP Account usually means that provider supports only one concurrent channell. But terminology is very loose in this area :smile:

What I wanna do is loose the router and connect to the SIP directly in ASTERISK.

So how do I handle the fact that there are two SIP Trunks for this SIP account ??

Anything special to configure ?

As described, you appeared to have one trunk with a call limit of at least two, although I’m a bit confused about ringing both numbers.

I am pretty sure that Asterisk can cope with what you have, but you need to be more precise about what you do have.

“wanna” is not a real word.