Newbie in early stages of planning - office roll out


I’m investigating using Asterisk as a PBX for a new office I’m involved with setting up. I’m currently interested in using a VoIP service provider for all outgoing and incoming calls. In looking at some of the plans they all seem to limit you to a maximum of 4 simultaious calls per account. Our office could potentially have 25+ people with more then 4 people on the phone at any one time. How could I address this?


you’d have to get multiple lines/accounts, or the provider would have to give you access to 10 simultaneous lines…just contact them and ask for pricing - if they are at all capable, this should be an easy thing to accomplish. in other words, there is no ‘hard coded’ limit of four lines, it’s just how they are set up. i’m sure that most providers will be able to work with you on this…

Thanks for the reply.

I’m away on work through the end of the month, but home to get back and get some equipment to set up a pilot project sometime early next month. So I’m sure I will be back.

Thanks again, and I’m excited and looking forward to working with asterisk and the community.

I secodn the above suggestions and if they still do not budge then source for another ITSP who can provide you what you need or you can also combine more than one ITSP into your setup.