Voip + ivr + asterisk

I’m having lots of difficulties trying to find out the mechanics of setting up an all-digital IVR solution for around 50 simultaneous incoming callers, either to the same phone number or different numbers.

I’m currently a Vonage customer, but I doubt they’re the type of VOIP provider I’d want for this type of thing, since their plans seem to be based more on outgoing than incoming calls.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I basically want to know the cheapest way to accomplish such a thing. I can handle the Linux box, configuring Asterisk, etc., but what I need to know is, is there a VOIP provider who would provide such a plan in a cost-effective manner, or would I be better off looking to my local phone company? What sort of hardware would I need if the VOIP provider doesn’t provide this?

You need a company who provides call origination services. I’m currently using Voicepulse for this, but am trying to compile a list of other providers as well. Voicepulse is a snap to get working, but I don’t think they have the best pricing and they don’t offer DIDs in as many areas as I’d like.

thanks, I would be interested in knowing if you put together such a list.

we’re using starvox for this… we have 50 DIDs. we had some problems initially with one-way audio and dtmf but found that they were related to our server settings.

pm me if you want more info.