Hardware & asterisk

We are wanting to install an Asterisk SIP Server. We want to terminate all incoming calls onto this and thereafter route the same over Broadband to the user who will answer the same using a SIP phone. We want the flexibility to terminate Digital Analog and VOIP lines onto the EPABX.

We also want an interactive IVR.

We are looking at having three incoming lines and have three outgoing call lines.

The outgoing call shall be a VOIP call originating from a SIP Phone and shall through the EPABX go to either a VOIP (SIP) Phone or an analog line / digital line.

The volume includes call originating at different places and landing on the SIP Server.

Volume: To start with there will be fifteen users which will increase to 75 outbound callers.

I shall be grateful if selection of hardware is helped with.

Look forward for help and assistance in selecting the best solution.

Also look for advise on which are the best Broadband service provider in nirth America and cost effective.

We are considering Vonage any other suggestions on solutions with best voice quality and cost effective that other members have experience shall be very helpful to avoid mistakes.

do some research on the forum as well as voip-info.org, you’ll find your answers. Vonage makes no sense for what you are trying to do, they are a closed system.


Thanks for your guidance.

Actually I am a newbie to this activity I thaught the vetreans here could guide me a little more and point me in the right direction of the hardare and carriers. I shall proceed with your suggestion in the mean time I look forward for more suggestions and guidance.

your questions have been answered and re-answered many times throught this and other forums. Proceed with the research and I’m sure you will gain many more specific and pointed questions which will tend to get you much more useful answers.