Voip calls with asterisk Query

Hello Dear Asterisk Users,

I have this requirement …

I want to route all inbound calls on my VOIP number provided by VOIP provider to be routed to my Asterisk IVR
and upon selection i need to route that call to some other number…

is this possible? Please Help Guys how i can achieve this … I would be Greatly Thankful…

Thanks in Advance

yes it is possible

first tell me how u installed the asterisk .
by using the freepbx gui or astguiclient gui u can get it worked easily

Hi This is very possible.

Here is the Digium video on IVR basics, brainshark.com/digium/vu?pi … &preview=1

But make sure that its secure, IVRs are a common target for toll fraud.


Thank you guys for the immediate reply …

am not using GUI … am using only Asterisk…

what am looking for is … inbound calls on my voip number … should be routed to Asterisk IVR …in the options of IVR menu … I need Asterisk to make call to local numbers …

so my question is how can asterisk call to a local number in my country on IVR options

if we can register a gsm phone with asterisk … is it possible?

if yes can asterisk call local numbers using that gsm phone and the billing is done to that gsm phone

i want to keep cost as minimum as much as i can … if am using gsm phone i can avoid that call costs as the operator will pay for the calls

Thanks in Advance guys

Hello Dear asterisk users,

Any Help regarding the requirement mentioned in above post?? i would really be thankful

hey pro’s,

will anyone please guide me with the above mentioned requirement.

Isn’t the video tutorial that ianpain posted up enogh to get you started?

IVR setup is very basic in Asterisk, so I do not know what is the exact problem that you have.

hey dejanst thank you for replying…

my concern is not over IVR setup…

I am concerned about … if I get a inbound call for a voip line it will be routed to asterisk … then i need asterisk to dial an external local number using a gsm phone which is registered to asterisk. How can this be achieved cost effectively

You can buy a GSM gateway and use it for the VoIP - GSM call.

The setup is quite simple - you connect the GSM gateway to Asterisk via SIP Trunk and forward the incomming call, that comes in the Asterisk from your VoIP provider, to you mobile phone via the the GSM gateway.
If you want to use a mobile phone instead of the GSM gateway - I think it is possible, but I do not have any experience with it.

This is pretty basic stuff, so you should not have big problems with it.

hey users,

thanks for the reply dejanst…

am expecting 1000-2000 simultaneous calls on my voip number which will be routed to my asterisk IVR and accordingly to the options in IVR … i ll use voip - gsm gateway to route that call to some other local number…

@dejanst is it possible to do this with the setup given by u

if yes wht will i require to setup the above requirement

I think that a GSM gateway with 1000 SIM cards does not exist … :smile:

For that ammount of concurrent calls I think it is best that you make a special deal with a VoIP provider :wink: