Asterisk Query

Hello Dear Asterisk users,

here is my requirement

if a user calls on #150(in india) i want to transfer this call to US IVR(asterisk) should outdial a local voip number(US) which upon getting options should call to a local number in india

i m having this requirement inorder to reduce the cost for my application.

How can this be achieved using asterisk … would be very thankful … Please Help !!

Thanks in advance

This is a very basic DialPlan tweak. Can you explain more about your server setup?

the server in US is already working as a IVR for US users … now if any one from anywhere in india dials #150 … his call should be transferred to US IVR … US IVR outdials a local voip user which forwards the call to a local number in india …

if have any other idea which can be used to minimize cost … as the local voip number is making an international call

Sorry, I still do not get it - do you also have a Asterisk server in India (that is connected to US Asterisk server) or you want to call all India PSTN calls to #150 to your Asterisk server in US ?

actually i want my call cost to be as low as possible … so if required i can also have asterisk server in india which connects to US IVR … what do you think wud be a best cost effective method?