VoIP ATA with IVR and Router

Dear Colleagues:

Please excuse my ignorance. I am new to Asterisk.

I have a project that would benefit greatly if it is built on top of a module as outlined in the Subject line above. I was recommended to search in this community. Although there is a category “Analog Terminal Adapters” under “IP Phones” in AsteriskExchange.org “Products”, there is no entry at all.

Could anyone guide me to a starting point, such as a working package of some kind, a developer or a basic design documentation that may be relavant to my project?

Thank you very much in advance.


Abe (2013-05-20 16:41)

ATAs are a commodity item. You should have no problem finding them.

Dear David55:
Thanks for your comment.
Yes, I have found many off-the-shelf ATA products. Some are exactly as I described.
However, I need to make firmware modifications to enhance its functionality for the application that I have in mind.
So, I need to find a copy of the source code or a developer who has one.
Regards, Abe (2013-05-21 15:29)

You will need to talk directly to the manufacturers and almost certainly sign an NDA. It is unlkely that anyone from the manufacturers is reading this, let alone someone able to make a decision to licence the source code.

Note that an Asterisk system with a Digium line card probably meets the definition in your subject, and the source code of all but the line card firmware and some codecs is open source.

Thank you. I will look into this angle.

Abe (2013-05-23 18:38)