Voicemails not recording

I’ve recently setup the Asterisk Now installation and got it working with 5-6 Linksys SIP phones in an office. We can make/receive calls and the voicemail seems to operate properly.

There’s just one (important) hitch: when the calls come from an external source (i.e. not one of the other SIP phones in the office), the voicemail isn’t recorded. Instead, we get a 0:10 recording of dialtone.

Our voicemail.conf is below, which seems to match up with others online. Any ideas on how to track this down?

[root@adbuyer-PC ~]# more /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf
;! Automatically generated configuration file
;! Filename: voicemail.conf (/etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf)
;! Generator: AppVoicemail
;! Creation Date: Mon Mar 29 12:25:55 2010
; 1st listed format gets emailed
format = wav49|wav
attach = yes
pbxskip = yes ; Don’t put [PBX]: in the subject line
serveremail = vm@asterisk ; Who the e-mail notification should appear to come f
fromstring = Voicemail System ; Real name of email sender
maxmessage = 180 ; max length of vm message
minmessage = 3 ; Minimum length of a voicemail message in seconds
maxsilence = 5 ; Wait for 5 silent seconds and end the voicemail
silencethreshold = 128 ; What do we consider to be silence
skipms = 3000 ; How many miliseconds to skip forward/back when rew/ff in messag
e playback
review = yes ; Allow sender to review/rerecord their message before saving it
operator = yes ; Allow caller to press 0
nextaftercmd = yes ; Automagically play next message when current message is de
leted or saved
; Change the email body, variables: VM_NAME, VM_DUR, VM_MSGNUM, VM_MAILBOX, VM_C
emailbody = ${VM_NAME},\n\nThere is a new voicemail in mailbox ${VM_MAILBOX}:\n
n\tFrom:\t${VM_CALLERID}\n\tLength:\t${VM_DUR} seconds\n\tDate:\t${VM_DATE}\n\nD
ial *98 to access your voicemail by phone.\nVisit AMPWEBADDRESS/recording
s/index.php to check your voicemail with a web browser.\n

1006 = Array
4082 => ####,Tim Ogilvie,togilvie@adbuyer.com,attach=yes|saycid=no|envelope=no|
4081 => ####,Jessica Ogilvie,jogilvie@adbuyer.com,attach=yes|saycid=no|envelope
2110 => ####,AdBuyer,accounts@adbuyer.com,attach=yes|saycid=no|envelope=no|dele
3327 => ####,John Porawski,jporawski@adbuyer.com,attach=yes|saycid=no|envelope=
3329 => ####,Murray Cox,mcox@adbuyer.com,attach=yes|saycid=no|envelope=no|delet
3334 => ####,Jimmy Deng,jdeng@adbuyer.com,attach=yes|saycid=no|envelope=no|dele