Voicemail not using pre-recorded messages

Hi, I’m working through my first two Asterisk installations. Slowly.

On the home straight now, configured Voicemail OK. Excerpts as follows:


exten => 721,1,Verbose(1|Extension 721)
exten => 721,n,Dial(SIP/721,30)
exten => 721,n,Voicemail(721@locatrix)
exten => 721,n,PlayBack(vm-goodbye)
exten => 721,n,Hangup()
exten => 700,1,VoiceMailMain(@locatrix)


serveremail = voicemail@locatrix.com
721 => 9245,Mark,mark@locatrix.com

This works fine: when extension 701 is called and isn’t answers, a pre-recorded message is played, the v-mail is recorded and is mailed to the right user. I even get MWI lights on our Linksys phones (using “mailbox” in sip.conf).

Now dialing 700 asks for mailbox number and password, lets me review, delete messages as expected. Mailbox options gives me the ability to record personal “unavailable” “Busy” and “name” messages… which never get played to callers.

I can see the .wav files created in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/locatrix/721/[busy|greet|unavailable].wav. But callers only ever hear the standard greetings, not the ones I’ve recorded.

Is this something that could be fixed with a format= specification in he general context of the voicemail.conf file?

Or something else?





To the voicemail.conf means I now have multiple formats stored (.WAV, .wav and .gsm) in my spool files:

root@sip:/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/locatrix/721# ls busy.gsm busy.WAV greet.wav INBOX temp unavail.gsm unavail.WAV busy.wav greet.gsm greet.WAV Old tmp unavail.wav

But none of these are being used to answer the voicemail message. Any clues?

Just a follow-up note that doing a bit more reading around on websites helped me understand that the “unavailable” and “busy” voicemail messages need to be explicitly called; this is done in the Voicemail program call itself:

Example line in extensions.conf:

exten => _7NN,n,Voicemail(${EXTEN},u)

Will make the Voicemail for the relevant extension use the unavailable message; similarly using “b” instead of “u” gets the busy message.