Voicemail Recovery

I have an extension that I use as a voicemail box only. I recently discovered that I was not getting e-mail notification of the voicemails with .wav files attached. The extension is setup to delete the voicemail after it e-mails it. I don’t know why I am not getting the e-mails when it’s been working fine for years, but first I want to find out if I can recover the missing voicemails.

Does sendmail have a sent items folder? Can I access the attached .wav files? Please help, this is really important to me. Thanks!

If the mail is queued, look in /var/spool/mqueue The queue files there may point to why its not being sent as well. If they are not there, not sure where else you can look retrieve them :frowning:

The directory is empty and nothing shows up when I leave a new voicemail…

/var/log/maillog should log each message. It may point out to where it was delivered but it won’t include the content. Unfortunately I don’t think you are going to be able to recover the deleted messages.

So why are the e-mails not going through? There’s nothing in the queue, the maillog looks fine, this has been working for over a year without issue, why would this just randomly stop working?

Where should I be looking to find out what’s wrong?


maillog would show you what messages were sent when. Do you see logs associated with the voicemail messages being left? Is your mail host flagging them as spam? Did you change anything in voicemail.conf when it stopped working?

I changed nothing, I just stopped receiving them.

I do see associated entries in the maillog.

If there being flagged, they are being deleted, I am not receiving the messages at all.

If you see the messages in the mail log, look beyond the asterisk system to wherever it is sending them to… From what you have stated it looks like your issue is not on the asterisk server, but another mail server somewhere.

I don’t know if this will apply here but I have experimented with sendmail over the years. Starting about 3 years ago and increasing ever since I’ve noticed that more and more ISP’s are blocking e-mail traffic on port 25. They do this to block spammers but in doing so they discovered that they could now charge their users for the privelege of using their own e-mail server. This might be your problem and it would explain why your mail appears to be sent when it reality some ISP along the way is just dropping your packets into a /dev/null bucket.

I got it working.

Cox has always blocked port 25, so that wasn’t the problem as I was using their mail server. I changed it to use my webhost’s smtp server and ran into the following error: “421 dns lookup failed for sender domain”

I then changed it so that the return e-mail domain resolved and the e-mail is working again. The only thing I can think of is that Cox recently started blocking e-mails from non-resolving domains…

I just wish there was some way to get back the 10+ voicemails that were deleted…