Voicemail problem in RealTime

Hello all,

I have done RealTime with MySQL configuration.It works for just calling,I mean the Dial command…but when 10secs are passing it doesn’t take the second priority that VoiceMail is.
In Flat file (extensions.conf) my configuration is:
exten => 100,1,Dial(SIP/100,10)
exten => 100,2,VoiceMail(100@testmail)
exten => 100,3,PlayBack(vm-goodbye)
exten => 100,4,HangUp()

I tried also without the PlayBack()

What is going wrong?Can you help me???

One more question:How does CDR work ?I created in my DB a cdr table as I saw it in www.voip-info.org and I modified cdr_mysql
What is next?

Thank you very much!!!

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Use a “|” instead of a “,”.


I think commas are ignored in MySQL

| vs. , got me in to a lot of trouble when real time came out. I believe (real tired so I may be wrong) that coma’s are never used and semi colin’s are used between codec selection.

Thank you both for your reply,
I used Dial(SIP/100|10) in the database,in my extensions table.
This that I posted was for my configuration in the flat file,
In the RealTime Configuration the Dial application works properly,but after the 10 secs ,the VoiceMail application it does not work if the user will not answer.

I cannot figure out what is wrong,I hope to find it!

Thanks again for your interest


Is the user on dnd or does the user hit the ignore button. If yes look at n+101


I just want to inform you what was the problem at the end.
The problem was with the codec.When I changed the codec to iLBC then the voicemail application worked properly.

Thanks all for your interest!