Realtime Voicemail

I’ve verified that * connects to mySQL by creating a cdr table, and configuring cdr_mysql.conf.

But I can’t get res_mysql_conf to work for Voicemail – I always get:

Dec 10 11:38:22 ERROR[13750]: res_config_mysql.c:615 mysql_reconnect: MySQL RealTime: Failed to connect database server asterisk on . Check debug for more info.

In the console, I set debug level 9 (just a guess) but don’t see any more info. How do I get debug output?

BTW, format of dsn stanza differs between cdr_mysql.conf and res_mysql.conf
cdr_mysql.conf res_mysgl.conf
dbname dbname
password dbpass
user dbuser
sock dbsock

Just for yucks, I tried the cdr convention in res_mysql, without success. I have odbc running, but haven’t yet gotten * to build the (guess it can’t find my odbd-devel headers).

set verbose 10
set debug 10