im using the database backed cdr-mysql for the billing from the past 6 months.Till now i have configured it correct and i was getting the necessary data from it.

But today i faced a strange issue.I configured cdr-mysql correctly and it showing as connected when issue the command

My problem is that it is not recording all the Application in the dial plan.
My dial plan is like this…

[croom] exten => s,1,Answer exten => s,2,Background(file1) exten => 1,1,Dial(ss7/98400000) exten => 1,2,MeetMe(1234)

The database is recording form the Dial command and missing the first two application.

when i tested with

[croom] exten => s,1,Answer exten => s,2,Background(file1) exten => s,3,Hangup

Nothing is recording into the database.

I am using call files for making the calls.

Any one know what will be the issue…?
i checked the Master.csv file the status here is also the same.
Will be thankful if anyone helps.

I’m not sure I fully understand what you are trying to convey.

The lastapp field should be the last application executed when the caller disconnected from the system. In your first example, you have 2 extensions. s & 1. I think you expect to have 3, but you put MeetMe as the 2nd priority on the 1 extension instead of the 1st priority on the 2 extension. If you call 1, it should dial out to that number, and when the call disconnects report Dial as the last app. What are you trying to do?

Hello davevg
Actually my problem got resolved when i used another asterisk version.
The thing i was trying was , The call initiation is done by the call file and one message will be played here its “file1” and when the customer presses one the call will be routed to the customer care.For that i had written the Dial in the Dial plan, and both the customer and agent will come in conference.

Hope now you got what i was trying to do.One another issue now is even though the channel is answered the CDR is showing it as NO ANSWER.Do you have any idea why it so??