Voicemail password for DPMA sets

Hi ,

I have all my D70 configured with DPMA.
They are all using Visual voicemail, but I would like the system to prompt for their password when they push the MSGS button.

As of now, the only way to do it is if they dial the voicemail number (VoiceMailMain) but then they lose Visual Voicemail.

Any way to do that ?



DPMA 2.0 and phone firmware 1.4.1:
wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … ionOptions

See the Voicemail Application require_password option.


Hi ,

So I have my password setup in the voicemail.conf
I have the phone firmware uploaded
I have DPMA 2.0

When I press MSGS and enter the password from voicemail.conf , the phone displays:
You have entered an incorrect password. Please try again.

But if I call MailVoiceMail and enter the password from voicemail.conf , it works.

I did not find anything within the wiki about a separate password…


It’s not tied to your voicemail.conf password, it’s tied to your phone pin.

So, if you define something like:


and then drop it on your phone like:


Then you’ll be using 1234 as the password to get into the voicemail application on the phone.

Got it to work.

I had to reset the phone I am trying with.
After I changed the PIN, it said it could not connect to the proxy.
I am assuming that passwords are kept in cache.

Thanks for the help.