Visual voicemail password with firmware 1.4.1

:angry: I have to say that I am really disappointed with this solution. We have been requesting the ability to require a password for visual voicemail since the Digium phones were released and we were very excited to hear that they finally added this with firmware 1.4.1.

I have been testing this firmware and DPMA 11.0_2.0.0 with our existing Asterisk 11.6-cert2 installations. The feature technically works but is completely off the mark for what I think anyone’s expectations would be.

  1. This requires “pin” to be set for each phone in res_digium_phone.conf (forget voicemail.conf). This pin code is completely different than the password configured in voicemail.conf and will be different for users, for example, dialing to check their voicemail.

  2. When “pin” is set or changed in any way then the phone will not return to service. Someone must manually select “Retry” or reconfigure the phone. This could never be implemented in our production environment.

[quote]Communication Error

Error fetching config from proxy. You can retry, choose a new server, or reset any stored credentials and then retry.[/quote]

  1. The user cannot set or change their pin code.

As I said this just seems disappointing. I look forward to testing future solutions or changes. Thank you.