Voicemail notification

I apologize for the academic question, but I’m an asterisk newbie. How does one disable the audible voicemail notification?

When you say ‘audible’ do you mean ‘stutter dial tone’?

Basically, every 30 minutes, there’s a tone that emits to alert the user that there is new voicemail in the box.

Not quite sure if it’s a stutter dial tone; but if you mean a tone that stutters when you pick up the phone, then that’s not it.

Thanks for the help… our Asterisk aficionado isn’t around right now and we’re trying to limp through it.

What sort of phone do you have? Because, this is a phone feature.

For example, Polycom phones do it. When the message waiting lamp is set, they also play a tone. Every now and then, they play a reminder tone in case your phone and it’s message waiting lamp are not in your line of sight.

Other phones may not play a reminder signal. It’s up to the manufacturer.

I checked my Polycom phone and there isn’t an “obvious” way to disable the noisemaker. Having said that, I didn’t dig into the config files to see if a setting exists that’s not in place on their web config pages or on their button menus. There still might be a way.

Look to your phone’s documentation for disabling the signal.

Stutter dial tone is a feature most often given to phones that have no message waiting lamps at all. When a user lifts the handset, the dial tone isn’t steady. It “stutters” (on-off-on-off-on-off-on) for the first couple of seconds to alert the user that a message is waiting for the user of this line.

Sipura-841 phones have both. A message waiting lamp, and stutter dial tone. I consider it a bit redundant, but I also consider the message waiting lamps on Sipura-841 to be too small to be useful, so I don’t disable the stutter. (Which you can do by re-defining the message waiting dial tone in the web configuration page.)

Ok, so we have Polycom 501 phones. I thumbed around on the web side of the config and couldn’t find anything. I did find the ipmid.cfg file and found this XML tag in the section

se.pat.misc.1.name="message waiting"

My feeling is that we should change the “chord” to “silence,” but what I can’t figure out is the attribute of the “y” variable, where se.pat.misc.x.inst.y.____

I’ll keep you all posted on the results.

“silence”-ing it worked! Thanks for the insight!

Yeah I found out what that is.

The 1,2,3 thing is how the noise is supposed to sound.

It basically means play chord number 1, then chord number 2, then chord number 1 again.

You can play with how the noise comes out by changing the order of the chords or which one plays.

So beep boop beep, becomes boop boop boop, or something like that.