Stuck message waiting on a Sipura 841

I can’t get the message waiting light and stutter tone to stop on one of my Sipura 841 phones. I’ve ‘factory reset’ the phone numerous times, turned off the MWI via the web interface, and nothing clears it. I believe Asterisk is sending the signal to it. When I dial that extension in voicemail, it tells me there are no messages waiting. How do I clear this?

Have you got the mailbox= entry for that phone configured properly in sip.conf? Is the mailbox properly configured in voicemail.conf? Was the phone offline somehow just after the last time a new voicemail message was deleted? Have you tried creating a new voicemail message and then deleting it?

[SOLVED] I started searching and found several .wav files in the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/2202 directory. Not sure why * saw them and lit the MWI light but would not play them. Anyway I just deleted them and within seconds the MWI light on the Sipura went out. Thanks again.