Voicemail Networking

I am trying to set up multiple servers say 3 which are in separate areas and I can connect to each from the other just fine. Within each I am able to transfer voicemail messages from person to person that is on that specific server but not from that server to someone else on another server.

How can I set it up so that someone on one server can transfer a voicemail message to someone on another completely different asterisk server or is this just not really possible.

I don’t think thats possible currently… transferring on a single server = just copy some files. transferring to another server = no protocol to do this

the only thing i can think of would be to use realtime voicemail (database) and then have a central voicemail database (maybe central storage over NFS or something)…

Ok well since it is just copying couldn’t you do something like a scp to copy it over to another server?

Just set it up with a private key on both of them and then it could transfer the files without any user intervention or is it a bit more complicated then that?

It is a bit more difficult then that I guess… It must be programed into the way asterisk handles voicemail and not simply adding a few scps in so the best bet is to get someone to program it in.