Transfer voicemail messages to voicemail on remote server

Hi everyone. I just want to say first of all that these forums are a big help to me and thanks to everyone who contributes to them.

Here is my problem. I manage 5 Asterisk servers across the US for my company. Sometimes someone will receive a voicemail that should go to someone else. When they try to forward it to that persons mailbox they are told that the mailbox doesn’t exist. I know that it’s because the mailbox for another office doesn’t appear in the local voicemail.conf. Is it possible to send voicemail from one office mailbox to another. Perhaps link the voicemail.confs in some way? As always, any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I spoke to digium about this a couple of years ago. Basicly there is a standard for internetworking of voicemail and most voicmails support this. Asterisk as it stands I believe doesnt.
you may be able to something with scripts moving the file to the relevent server and writing the txt file etc. Shouldnt be too hard, I do create the voicmail text files like this for a prompted catalog line. so should be possible to do for what you want to do.

Basicly the script would move the file and write the txt files.


Thanks for responding ianplain. I’m using 1.4 on all the systems if it matters. That’s a bummer. It didn’t begin to matter until just recently. I guess they will just have to do it the old fashion way and take the message down and hand it off to the correct person. If anyone else has any other ideas, I’m all ears. Thanks.