Voicemail Messages Getting Cut Short

I’m running *-1.2.13 on a FreeBSD-6.1 server with an X101P card plugged into my POTS line. I’m very pleased with the performance thus far but there is one reoccurring problem.

Most voicemail message are recorded just fine. I’ve noticed that the quality of the recording is clear and of sufficient volume. The problem occurs when a friend of mine who lives in California calls and tries to leave a message. Many times my * server cuts her off before she finishes leaving her message. Sometimes it will last for a minute, sometimes it only lasts a few seconds and then the “Thank you” message plays and it hangs up.

maxsilence is set to zero in my voicemail.conf so there should not be a problem of her pausing long periods causing it to timeout.

Sometimes she can leave a message several minutes long. Other times it just ends after 5 ot 10 seconds.

Can anyone tell me how I might toubleshoot this?

Hi you might want to lok at

forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php? … ht=cutting from a couple of days ago

It may well resolve your problems.