Voicemail issue 222

hi i hope you are well
I have a problem with your voicemail. When I configure
I do not have the possibility to leave a message.
this error message is displayed:
[Mar 24 12:06:02] WARNING[1988][C-00000002]: file.c:789 ast_openstream_full: File vm-intro does not exist in any format
[Mar 24 12:06:02] WARNING[1988][C-00000002]: file.c:1262 ast_streamfile: Unable to open vm-intro (format (ulaw)): No such file or directory

if you add a mailbox you have to reload voicemail

how to reload voicemail system

in asterisk cli

voicemail reload
or in freepbx apply config will work

I did but the problem persists

please describe your config

what did you do ?

I want to do the Mailbox Configurations

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