Voicemail - Temporary Message problems


I have been testing my IP04 (asterisk 1.4.2 with asterisk now gui) and have found after setting a temporary voicemail message, i can no longer longer access mailbox options to turn it off. If i select 0 - mailbox options the call is terminated.

The following is posted.

WARNING[613]: file.c:602 ast_openstream_full: File vm-tmpexists does not exist in any format [May 3 03:44:49] WARNING[613]: file.c:912 ast_streamfile: Unable to open vm-tmpexists (format 0x4 (ulaw)): No such file or directory

If i call the extension i do hear the temporary message. I just cant edit or remove it now.

Any help would be appreciatd.


I have googled the answer. Apparently it is a problem with Asterisk 1.4.19 and 1.4.20 with a missing file vm-tmpexists. I have created this file and all is working now.