Voicemail is Lost

We are on 13.8-cert4 as well as 14.1.2 (several servers). On both versions we’ve found the following issue.

  1. Voicemails reach the maxmsg limit.
  2. The limit is raised in voicemail.conf.
  3. Voicemail is cleaned up (INBOX, Old, Urgent, and tmp)
  4. Voicemail count is WAY below maxmsg limit.
  5. Immediately after the new limit is added and a voicemail reload occurs the next voicemail is named as the limit e.g. msg1000.wav.
  6. After that, no voicemails are received.

One voicemail in the folder renamed to the max limit kills any new voicemails from being created without warning or error.

Increasing the limit from 100 to 1000 only allows one new voicemail to arrive because it claims the msg1000.wav. name.