Voicemail greeting with wav file


I had my voicemail greeting professionally recorded, and trying to use that as a wav file. I followed instructions before of putting it in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/[vm context]/[mailbox]/unavail.wav and the voicemail admin shows there’s an unavailable greeting there, but it doesn’t play it when I dial the voicemail box. It’s in 44.1Khz stereo, which should work as thats the same format I used for my IVR greetings and those work fine.

Any ideas? Do I need to change anything for that to work? Is there a log file that tells if it’s erroring during playback?


you can create logs by simply typing this on the asteriskCLI

CLI> core set verbose 10
CLI> core set debug 10

the verbose command helps you to see at which part of dialplan you are getting the error.

Rest for the wav file i would suggest that you should convert your wav file to another wav file with the following specification
bit resolution: 16 bit
sampling rate: 8000Hz
audio channels: no change
normalization : not required

you can use this online service to convert as explained above:

For .wav, it should be 8kHz, mono, 16 bit, signed. For .WAV, or wav49, it should be GSM.