Voicemail Email All with exception

I am using Asterisk Business Edition. The user wants their system to email voicemail only; with the exception of five extensions. Three of those extensions will get voicemail to the handset notification only and two will get both handset and email notification.

Here is what I have tried so far.

  1. I changed the voicemail option to “Email Only” as a global rule via the Asterisk BE GUI.
  2. I went to the file editor for voicemail.conf and entered a line in the [default] context for each of the five extensions needing the exception. With the belief that this will override the global context setting of email only.

No worky.

Any ideas? THanks, craig

You must define the voicemail of this manner in the voicemail.conf file, and they won’t receive any mail.

510 => 510,JSmith,tz=central|attach=no


Thanks for the reply. I did this in the [default] context of voicemail.conf but not effect. Any other ideas?

I suppose that you did after ‘module reload app_voicemail’ and you verify the changes with asterisk -rx ‘voicemail show users’


Thanks for the help. I figured it out. Apparently the voicemail.conf file doesn’t have any effect. The users.conf file is where the changes need to be with:


Setting these on a user-by-user basis did the trick.


you’re wellcome


I know you already have a fix for the problem, however, I strongly suggest using a db for you voicemail_users. This allows for easier updates than updating users.conf/voicemail.conf every time you add a user. Well, in my opinion anyhow.

Also of some value, you can change things on the fly without reloading stuff over and over and over and over.

Though, I have no idea what Asterisk BE does different than regular Asterisk.