Voicemail options

We use multiple contexts in our voicemail.conf file for each company we host. We have a company that wants the voicemail notification email message to be customized. Are these settings global only or do we have the granularity to have different notification templates for different voicemail contexts?

I think ur using n number of pbx on single asterisk server right?

for that i suggest use diffrent voicemail conf file for diffrent host companies & include that file in main voicemail.conf as following

#include voicemail-112.conf
#include voicemail-113.conf
this 2 file for 2 diffrent pbx that you host on single Asterisk server

now this theory give you facilty to add what ur need for ur pbx user as you mentioed Voicemail notification for diiffrent pbx system on asme server

try this it may help you but using single voicemail .conf it is not possible use 2 diffrnt options as per my knowldge


The options I wish to change are those that are within the general context in voicemail.conf. Your suggestion would have multiple general contexts within in the voicemail.conf file. Definitely wouldn’t work.