[voicemail] control of space in hard disk for any users


I want to do a GUI for asterisk with a control of the space hard disk for the users of the voicemail.
Somebody don’t know how make it in php other in an other language???
If you have can show me an example that would be fun.

thank’s for your help…

Have a look at AIR here:



Thank’s for this information…
I keep you informed.


I have install ARI but i can not login???
I have just the page with ARI in the top???

How can i use ARI standalone??? What do i write in the main.conf???
Because i have set $standalone[‘use’]=true and set the user name and password.
But i have an error:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_USE in /var/www/html/recordings/includes/main.conf on line 16

And in this line it’s set use = true

Have you an example of a main.conf who is utilized for ARI standalone…

Please help me…