Voicemail.conf Question

Within the voicemail.conf file there is a “pagerbody=” where one can place a general message to all outgoing pager notifications.

I wish to be able to have a different message sent based on extension. So extension 101 receives a voice mail, when the system sends the “pagerbody=” message it will say for extension 101 “pagerbody= the hot dogs are ready”, and when extension 102 receives a voicemail the system will send the “pagerbody=mom said come home”…

How can that be done as I have tried to change it in the “VM_CONTEXT” and the “VM_OPTIONS” sections with no luck. I even tried to put featur1 within the VM_CONTEXT section and made a [feature1] body but the “pagerbody” section of the feature1 is not read.

Could someone advise the proper way of doing this please… I know it has been done in the past just can’t locate the information or where I saw it at.

Thanks in Advance,