Hey everyone.

Ive been scowering in my extensions.conf for hours and cant seem to figure this out.

I want the voicemail system to stop playing vm-intro after everyones voicemail greeting. I’ve got a custom dialplan setup where someone can dial * and then the extension and it will be sent to voicemail, and I’ve managed to get that to stop playing vm-intro by adding the “s” option listed in “show application voicemail” in the cli, but now I need to get it so any time an extension is being handled, it puts the same “s” flag in. Heres what happens when I dial an extension and they’re unavailable:

-- Executing [s@macro-ael-myvoicemail:8] Goto("SIP/phone-aastra-1-b731d388", "sw-3892-UNAVAILABLE|10") in new stack -- Goto (macro-ael-myvoicemail,sw-3892-UNAVAILABLE,10) -- Executing [sw-3892-UNAVAILABLE@macro-ael-myvoicemail:10] VoiceMail("SIP/phone-aastra-1-b731d388", "3039@druid-default|u") in new stack

so where do I need to put in the “s” next to that “u” on the last line? I’ve looked through my extensions.conf a thousand times and cant figure it out, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated.



Looking at teh output i think you are using the extensions.ael not extensions.conf