Voicemail Arriving Empty

We have been having trouble with our voicemail cutting callers off when leaving a message. This doesn’t happen every time someone leaves a message, but it does occur roughly 40% of the time.

Callers can call into our system, go through the auto-attendant and arrive at one of our user’s vmail boxes. They are able to successfully leave a message and exit the system. However, when we go to retrieve these messages all that remains is the callback number (if provided by *) and an empty (1 second or less) message. The same is true of the emailed message attachment sent by * to the user’s email account. It is nothing but an empty attachment. Again this occurs roughly 40% of the time. It is not limited to any one particular user–this occurs with all users.

We are using * 1.2.13 and have our PSTN link up through VoicePulse. We have 2 VOIP servers on our network, one internal to our office and the other on our internet-facing side at a collocation. The two servers are running Fedora 5, and have an OpenBSD firewall between them. The two servers are connected with a T1 Point to Point 1.5Mbit pipe.

It is important to note that this happens internally as well. One internal extension can call another internal extension and leave a voicemail, which the recipient does not receive. With this in mind, I would think it valid to eliminate the internet-facing * server as a culprit and only focus on the internal box and firewall.

I cannot imagine this a firewall issue since roughly half of our voicemails come through. The same goes for permissions issues–if this was so I would imagine that we would not receive any voicemails at all.

Any suggestions or additional info I should provide to help troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance for help with this mind-bending issue…

Is it detecting it as silence? If so you can play with the “silencethreshold=” setting in voicemail.conf.

Thanks for the reply.

We have tried various permutations of the silencethreshold value with no effect on the problem. It is currently set to 128.

We also have set maxsilence=0 in voicemail.conf to effectively disable silence monitoring.

The search continues :smile: