Empty voicemails

We’re having a problem where if someone hangs up while the voicemail message is playing, Asterisk does not seem to be detecting that the call ended, and then we get an emtpy voicemail that’s 10 seconds long. (I set the minimum message length to 10 seconds.) Has anyone else experienced this?

We’re using Asterisk on FreeBSD 6.1 with a TDM31b and the FreeBSD trunk of the Zaptel driver (voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … BSD+zaptel).

does this only happen during voicemail? is asterisk detecting a remote hangup in other circumstances? look into setting the answeronpolarityswitch=yes & hanguponpolarity=yes switch options in zapata.conf. what country are you in?

Hi Geoff, thanks for the tip – I’ll look into that. I’m in North America (Canada).

there is/was a bug report on this, and on our systems (* 1.2.4) we see this occassionally.

see bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=6911 for the bug report.

i think you can also change the minmessage flag to disabled messages less than X seconds.